Whether a solo traveller, a multigenerational family, a honeymoon couple or a corporate group we try to design a customized memorable experience following clients’ passions and inspirations. Inspired by the essential concept that “people are the ones who make a difference”, Talea Collection creates extraordinary experiences where the richness of the Apulian territory adapts to needs’ of guests and companies.



Delicious local cuisine is one of the essential elements of a memorable trip. Puglia is a destination for all those people with a passion for simple delicious flavours and an interest in the provenance of food. The land is rich and bountiful, the 500 miles of coast offer a profuse fresh catch, and we pride ourselves in “zero miles” ingredients. At our Masseria Il Melograno our chefs are warmly enthusiastic and ready to reveal the secrets behind the perfect focaccia, tiny neat orecchiette, and traditional Apulian dishes. The cooking class is not available on week ends, and subject to availability. It is even possible to attend cooking class in other Masseria in the nearby villages of Conversano and Monopoli. It is necessary to book in advance at the reception.

LAND & FOOD EXPERIENCE – Olive Oil Tasting

Spend some of your time during your vacation exploring these enchanting olive oil farms dotted all around Puglia countryside. From olive harvest to the production in the modern olive oil mill till the visit to the beautiful olive oil underground mill dates sometimes from 1700, you will enjoy always a special Olive oil tasting journey according to your time.

LAND & FOOD EXPERIENCE – Discovering the tresures of Melograno

Life in Puglia follows the rhythm of the agriculture and this land is known also as the realm of extra-virgin olive oil. There are 60 million olives trees planted in the region, half of which are hundreds of years old and five millions are over a thousand years old.They are real monuments alive of which Il Melograno, as a fortified Masseria, retains 120 on its.Don’t miss the opportunity to spend one of afternoon of vacation to experiment this unusual itinerary.


300 miles of fertile soils, sunshine, a sea breeze have long produced some of the world’s most popular grape varieties. Today Apulian wines are famous in their own right, and our deeply knowledgeable sommelier is eager to share their passion. According to your expertise they may begin with how to look at the light in a wine, how it moves in the glass, the vocabulary of tasting or the best food pairings. You will discover a white wine from Valle d’Itria, a rosato wine from Castel del Mone area and a red wine: the Primitivo di Manduria; all served with a selection of local appetizers from our chefs.

Wine Tasting at Il Melograno:
Price starting from €55 per person Minimum 2 persons
3 goblets of wine selection: Fiano, Negroamaro, Primitivo
Price starting from €85 per person Super Apulians 4 goblets of wine selection: D’Arapri Brut, Numen Paololeo, Rosè Pungirosa Wine and Gratticiaia

Please contact the reception to book your experience at a local vineyard, close on week ends.


Departure for MONOPOLI to board on fiberglass hulled ship of a total length of 6 meters to discover the sea grottoes along the amazing cost of Polignano a Mare. 


Mountain bike or e-bike ride followed by a technical Van for any inconvenience. It will pass through the beautiful seaside town of Monopoli, with its Romanesque Cathedral, the harbour and the old town and then it will reach the 4 BC ruins of Egnazia and the cosy fishermen village of Savelletri. This cycling activity is up for anyone even not professional cyclists.


Departure from Monopoli or Polignano a Mare to board on a comfortable luxury motor Yacht or Catamarano for a maximum 10 people on board, to relax exploring the amazing Polignano a Mare, full of caves and cliffs that have been created by the sea over millennia.

SEA & BOAT EXPERIENCE – Love & Light on the Sea

Even with a torn and a damage sail if the helmsman is stiff and Braveheart, the boat will be driven to a secure harbour” Umberto Kuhtz seems to speak about our PescoPoeta – theDreaming Fishermen who will escort you from  Polignano a Mare  to Monopoli in a sweet experience along the coast on a romantic wooden boat.


Choose from our lists of classical VINTAGE CAR, VESPA or CITY CAR to experience driving in total autonomy around the villages of the Valle d’Itria: scenic roads, dramatic landscapes, art and culture are waiting for you. Valle d’Itria country side is the ideal itinerary to follow with your car characterized by “trulli” and by the dry stonewalls that surround vineyards and olive groves all around. A wide selection of original models is at your disposal.


Surrounded by the evocative landscapes and gardens of our properties let’s enjoy a work out session with a professional Personal Trainer who will help you choosing the suited activity.  You will probably catch the powerfulness of your essence, freeing the brightest part of your being.

If you would like to  experience a direct connection to the Apulian landscape don’t miss a riding promenade on the back of a calm, patient and nice horse crossing the countryside of Puglia, it is an extremely relaxing experience and an emotional enrichment for all attendees.


Matera’s “Sassi” – Unesco world heritage from 1993 – area an unforgettable landscarpe, made of rock-hewn houses and churches. A good occasion to taste a glass of Aglianico wine, “cruschi” peppers and the original focaccia.


LAND & CULTURE EXPERIENCE – Martina Franca & Alberobello

Meeting with your guide and departure for Martina Franca. Guided visit of the village and its old centre dominated by Baroque buildings. The excursion proceeds to Alberobello, the capital of the trulli country, and visit of the old town, which has been decreed UNESCO site. At the end of the tour we can arrange for you a wine tasting  or an Olive oil tasting in the wineries of Valle d’Itria.