Boat Trip

Boat Trip
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Departure for MONOPOLI to board on a fiberglass hulled ship of a total length of 6 meters to discover the sea grottoes along the amazing cost of Polignano a Mare. No driver is on board. Click Here

Departure from Monopoli to board on a comfortable luxury motor Yacht for a maximum 10 people on board, to relax exploring the amazing Polignano a Mare, full of caves and cliffs that have been created by the sea over millennia. Click Here

Even with a torn and a damage sail if the helmsman is stiff and Braveheart, the boat will be driven to a secure harbour” Umberto Kuhtz seems to speak about our PescoPoeta – theDreaming Fishermen who will escort you from MONOPOLI to Polignano a Mare in a sweet experience along the coast on a trawler. Click Here

  • Apulian Cookery class

    Share Puglia’s greatest pleasure preparing traditional dishes with local produce or perfecting a focaccia pugliese, and discover the one indispensable ingredient to our cuisine.

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  • Apulian Wine Tastings

    Our sommelier and Official Taster for Italy will engage experts and beginners with the geography and history of Apulian wines, sampling local Fiano, Negroamaro or Primitivo.

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  • Excercising in Nature

    Surrounded by the evocative landscapes and gardens of our properties let’s enjoy a work out session with a professional Personal Trainer.


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  • Bike tour

    Mountain bike or e-bike ride followed by a technical Van for any inconvenience. It will pass through the beautiful seaside town of Monopoli, with its Romanesque Cathedral, the harbour and the old town and then it will reach the 4 BC ruins of Egnazia and the cosy fishermen village of Savelletri. This cycling activity is up for anyone even not professional cyclists.

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  • Olive Oil Tastings

    Life in Puglia follows the rhythm of the agriculture and this land is known also as the realm of extra-virgin olive oil. Spend some of your time during your vacation exploring these enchanting olive oil farms dotted all around Puglia countryside.

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  • Historic Towns

    Il Melograno is surrounded by historic towns: Monopoli, Alberobello with the Iconic Trulli, Polignano a Mare and the baroque Martina Franca. 

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  • Ren Car, Vespa or Vintage car

     Choose from our lists of classical VINTAGE CAR, VESPA or CITY CAR to experience driving in total autonomy around the villages of the Valle d’Itria.

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